STIHL HSA 66 Battery Hedge Trimmer

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Handy, lighter and quiet cordless hedge trimmer with an optimised cutter bar. The EC (electronic controlled) motor allows constant high level motor speed, even under heavy loads, longer running times and life of the machine are achieved due to the brushless motor technology. Ideal for use in home gardens and in noise sensitive areas.

Standard features

Two handed design

The tool is easily started by activating both switches on the loop handle and the rear handle at the same time. The cutting speed is continuously variable using the rear control – for a fine and precise cut. Especially practical: the two handed design is suited for both left-handed and right-handed users.

Variable speed control and ergonomic loop handle

The ergonomic loop handle is ideal for working in any direction and ensures strength-saving work over longer periods.

Blade tip protector

The tip protector comes as standard and makes cutting near the ground or along walls easier while protecting the special cutters from damage.

Functional design

The engine housing has smooth surfaces and round contours. That prevents things from catching on the tool or from it getting caught on branches. The hedge trimmers resist soiling and are easy to clean.

Blade cover

Protects the cutting blade for safe storeage and transport of the hedge trimmer.

Hanging eye

The hedge trimmers can also be conveniently hung up on the wall with the practical hanging eye.

Additional features

36 V Li-Ion battery

The 36 V lithium-Ion battery allows a running time of up to 140 minutes with the cordless hedge trimmers. The battery is centrally positioned in the machine to ensure optimum balance and user comfort.

Weight kg 1)


Sound pressure level dB(A) 2)


Cutter Blades cm 3)


Weight, excluding battery kg


Sound power level dB(A) 4)


Sound pressure level dB(A) 5)


Sound power level dB(A) 5)


Maximum Cutting Diameter mm


Total length cm


Tooth spacing mm


Bar length mm


Battery life time AP 115 min 6)

up to 80

Battery life time AP 180 min 6)

up to 140

Rated voltage V


Battery life time AP 200 min 6)

bis 144

Blade length


Battery life time AP 300 min 6)

bis 180

Battery life time AR 900 min 6)

up to 660

Battery life time AR 1000 min 6)

bis 450

Battery life time AR 3000 min 6)

bis 800